Have you looked at your PPE?

Heading towards the darker days of winter have you checked your PPE hi vis clothing?

Hi-Vis clothing should be High visibility standard EN ISO 20471.

Class 1 is the lowest level; Class 2 high visibility products are mid range require 0.5m2 of background material and 0.13m2 of reflective material.

Class 3 is the highest level of visibility eg. a jacket with long sleeves and trouser suit with 5 cm bands of reflective tape around body arms and braces over the shoulders. Class 3 is a must on motorways. It is the employers duty to provide PPE. It is the employees duty to check for defects.

Have a look at your PPE?

Is it badly soiled?
Are the reflective tapes worn from work use?
Does it close?

You can look inside on the tag to see what standard your PPE is and buy good quality.

It’s also very important to wear the hi-vis jacket and vests closed and not open as they end up under the arms of the wearer and not giving the standard of reflection they should; I personally prefer hi-vis gear with zips instead of Velcro.

Stay seen!

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